Businesses face critical server-related issues that lead to non-core projects cropping up. When these missions are assigned to the company’s IT team, issues do not get resolved properly. Moreover, the technical staff ails to focus on core business functions. This leads to low-performance outcomes thereby hampering business growth. With’s technical advantages, you can now build your business because we offer end-to-end server maintenance services.

Our experts are focused on the execution and delivery of non-stop hosting services. Timely hardware upgrades, downtime resolutions and website traffic handling are a few scenarios that are competently handled by our engineers. Hence, your resources and talents are free to pursue mission-critical projects that form an essential task pane of your business.


Carrier Neutral

Our carrier-neutral facility ensures the best network connectivity. Key dual active paths help you to access telecommunication networks across business verticals. Moreover, we also employ a proprietary network architecture that is powered by robust routing technologies and Gigabit port connectivity.

Fibre Optic ring based Network

Our providers are Tata Communications, Reliance Communications, Bharti Airtel, Tata Teleservices and Pacific Internet. So your business can benefit from a proprietary network architecture integrated with high-tech routing technologies.

N+1 Redundancy

Our systems are available to you in case of failover; this is due to our independent backup facility with a high level of transparency, and it runs parallel to the main data centre at all times.

High-density Uniflair Precision Air Cooling System

Up to 500 tons of AC Cooling through multiple redundant Precision Air Conditioning (PAC) units. They are powered by intelligent sensors and integrated completely with BMS. Such advanced supervision systems power our data centres thereby ensuring impeccable performance.

VESDA Smoke Detection Systems

We have installed dual alarmed, heat and smoke detection 3D systems from VESDA in our data centres. The robust fire alarm control panel and efficient software management system ensure that every apparatus functions perfectly at all times. Hence you leverage seamless data access round the clock from your location.