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N + 1 Redundancy is resilience that ascertains that the overall architecture of the system remains active in the advent of any component failure. The components are defined as “N” and each N has at least a single backup component, which is termed as “+1”. The resilience level is referred to as standby since backup components participate only in the case of failover.

N + 1 ensures that even if a data centre’s primary power component fails at any point of time, another power component is available as a power back-up to guarantee that an organization’s productivity is not compromised.


 N+1 redundancy acts as a backup component that recovers your
    system from 
a single component failure. SoloIDC offers fully
    redundant and best-in-class 
Uniflair Precision Air Cooling
    Systems to ensure flawless performance.
 For unpredictable and unwanted fluctuations and power
    outage, we have two 
power sources: Thermal Power Plant and
    Hydro Power Plant. Both the plants get energy and electricity
    requirements via dedicated 33KV lines, seamlessly 
    supply to our data centres. This maintains energy and power
    flow to 
our website servers.
 SoloIDC is one of the leading providers of data centre and
    website hosting 
solutions in India. We offer end-to-end services
businesses of all sizes and enable them to streamline
    operations in a more efficient way.