by | May 16, 2020

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Cloud Backup is a solution that safeguards your business by saving major files of your website or application requirements. It helps you to get back to normal operations and quickly restores all the documents after a system failure or data loss.
At SoloIDC, we have deployed a separate stand-alone SAN for the purpose of housing snapshot backup images. You can select this option for your business’s benefit. We have specially designed our cloud hosting footprint to ensure complete protection against data loss.
Our Cloud Backup solution offers a snapshot backup option. It copies your entire data from your individual cloud deployment to our backup Storage Area Network (SAN) two times in a week.


You can manage, restore and schedule all your files using our instinctive Cloud Control Panel. It has an easy and quick to restore the backup at all times that restore data which is then initiated to the Cloud Server. These specific data files and Virtual Machines can be selected for back up.

Cloud Backup solution includes file solidity and block-level repetition to lessen backup times, storage costs and file size. After the primary backup, the block-level reduplication saves time and storage space by backing up the reformed files or documents.

Our Cloud backup managed operations service initiates preinstalled Cloud Backup on all the Cloud Servers. This is to back up standard system configuration documentation. Such an installation is self-serviced on our managed infrastructure.

Secured backups are relocated over our high-capacity network and are written to storage disks. These disks are all on separate locations.