Robust security enabled data centre ensures that every part of the entire IT Infrastructure stays safe and sound at all times. It employs measures to handle data threats so that compromising situations get handled smartly.

At the data centres of, we have employed an impermeable SIX ZONE SECURITY system. Our powerful facility ensures complete protection of your business-critical data. So unforeseen threats such as illegal access, data theft and fire hazards do not compromise business flows and processes. In order to deliver services of unmatched quality, we strive hard to eliminate every possible risk that could come in the way of our mission. Our Six Zone Security premise is unbeatable, so your data stays safe after you have opted for our services.

For us the quality and security of your data are crucial.


 Security guards assigned at all entrances/exits
 Mantraps at the entrance of the datacenter
 Admin issued photo ID cards mandatory for employees
 Limited access zone for a visitor (only till the reception area)
 Entry into the data centre area for selected IT personnel is
    permitted with 
escorts only.
 Zones in the facility are examined using system-generated data
    that is monitored and captured constantly
 Multiple levels of biometric access controls in the server area
 Inclusions such as utility meters, chiller units, switchboards and
    individual power outlets monitor the machines
 Robust facility with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and fire